The Miss Pop-Ins Difference.

When you book Miss Pop-Ins, you can plan your trip knowing that your pets and home are in safe hands while you’re away.

Miss Pop-Ins premium Pet and Personal Concierge services are perfect for

  • Busy Professionals;
  • Business Owners;
  • Shift workers & FIFO personnel;
  • Families;
  • Retirees;
  • Singles and Couples.

I’ve personally been in most of these categories at one time or another.  I know the challenges of working long hours and juggling family & pets while you do a long daily commute, or need to travel for work.

My mission is to help make your day-to-day life just that little bit easier, by supporting you in managing your busy lifestyle or providing loving premium care for your pets.  Miss Pop-Ins is here to help.

Personal Concierge service is perfect for busy people who understand the value of their time and know that they don’t have to do-it-all personally.  Miss Pop-Ins take care of the time consuming running around, help you with those home projects or be your at-home stand-in for service or delivery appointments.

As your Pet Concierge, Miss Pop-Ins can care for all kinds of pets and animals (large and small) including:  Dogs (from the smallest right through to the enormous); Cats; Birds; Guinea Pigs; Rats; Fish; Turtles, Reptiles; Horses; Cows; Goats; Chickens; Ducks; and Geese.

In developing the Miss Pop-Ins service model, I made sure to include these important elements in providing discreet, professional Pet & Personal Concierge services:

  • When visiting your property, vehicles are unmarked and discreet, so your privacy is maintained, and your absence is not being advertised.
  • All client and property information in the possession of Miss Pop-Ins Pet & Personal Concierge is stored electronically on a smart devices using fingerprint security and passcode, to ensure your personal information is protected.
  • Maintaining secure possession of my clients’ keys is paramount, with no identifying tags or client details ever attached to, or kept with, your keys.
  •  As a solo entrepreneur, I use emergency procedures that ensures the identity and the location of any clients’ pets who are actively under the care of Miss Pop-Ins, can be located and accessed should an accident or illness affect your Pet Sitter.
  • A network of professional and experienced contractors to call upon during busy periods.

Delivering peace of mind through genuine, loving, premium care.

Pet Sitting Service Inclusions 

Miss Pop-Ins premium pet sitting services include feeding, fresh water, medications, hygiene, play and companionship time for your pet(s), along with my safety processes to give you the peace of mind that your pet is never left unattended.

You can choose to receive daily or regular updates with photos or short videos via SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, so you can see how your pet is doing no matter where you are.

Miss Pop-Ins Pet Sitter will also gather mail, local newspapers, clear junk mail, water plants and/or the garden, manage your Council bins in and out, as well as provide other basic domestic assistance upon request.

Booking Process

No two households are the same when it comes to pets and they all have different care requirements, so I always conduct a free in-your-home consultation to meet with all prospective new clients.

This meeting usually goes for up to an hour and together we will discuss your pet’s temperament, general care needs, medical conditions (diagnosed or suspected), as well as any household care.  I will discuss Miss Pop-Ins’ safety and security processes and conduct a risk assessment to ensure the safety of your pet and the Pet Sitter, as well as the security of your home during the booking.

This consultation ensures that Miss Pop-Ins is a good fit for your needs and your pet’s care requirements and allows me to provide an accurate quote for delivery of services.

Miss Pop-Ins is always happy to take bookings well in advance of your planned holiday, so you can plan your trip and budget, knowing that your home and pets are in safe hands.  All advance payment are held in trust until Miss Pop-Ins’ services are delivered, so my cancellation policy is always fully funded.   Miss Pop-Ins booking terms and cancellation policy applies to all bookings and is provided with all quotations for services.

Pre-Departure Meeting

When you book with Miss Pop-Ins, we will meet again in the days just prior to your departure to review and document your pets’ care and home information to ensure I have the most current details on record.  We review any medical care and medications required, document the details of your regular Vet and record your consent in case of an emergency while you are away.

With Miss Pop-Ins booked, you can go away and relax, or focus on work with peace of mind that Melissa is taking loving care of your pets.

With Miss Pop-Ins booked, you can go away and relax, or focus on work with peace of mind that Melissa is taking loving care of your pets.

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